Win after losing everything…

It’s funny how some people have always felt that they have won or that they are the best after they have push someone down. Why is it that people have learnt to find their happiness from someone else’s loss? These people are not just those few narrow minded, jealousy struck individuals. At some point of time or at some age we’ve all been like that. We all have some how claimed to be better because we beat a x or a y.

Does a win always have to be when a few people have been left lamenting on their loss? Why can’t we win without having to beat someone to the finishing line? Some ways to you know win the race of life; with ensuring that no one is upset because of us. Probably Mother Teresa won the race of life that way. I am sure no one in the world takes her name with contempt. There is always a very deep emotion attached to her very name that could make a desolate person smile. A smile cause you simply are just glad to know that there are good selfless people in this world. At a time when everything wrong kind of just happens to you or at least you feel so.

I am sure that she is up there somewhere happy and smiling to know that she still can bring a smile on people’s face. You know comfort a heart even when you are not around. I think it’s beautiful to be able to do that.

So probably in the end its not about who lost or won. Atleast i would want to believe its about that smile that comes on your face when you look back at life.



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