The monochromes of the sea.

What is it in the sea…..why does it make you see the beauty of life? Why does it make me ponder on the direction that my life is taking? That continuous rhythm of its waves makes me feel as if it’s alive. It makes me feel as if it’s that friend of mine who will always be there to listen to what I want to say. It has all the time in the world to spend with me. It always there for me, at least when I want it the most.

There is a different mood set near the sea side. With lonely people staring at its beauty and retrospecting; with lovers lost in their emotions; with all the rubbish scattered around, and crows and dogs feasting on it….. All that aside the beauty lies in its vastness, in its never ending waves.

Everything here seems to be in a beautiful and perfect monochrome. The bluish grey sea, the blue sky, the grey stones, the sand, the concrete and these buildings….

I wonder what Mumbai and my life would be without marine drive or worse the sea. Its always been so close to me physically and psychologically. That I would never be able to give up this place for anything in the world.



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