I got up today morning an opened my window to see the beauty of the glistening sea as it bathed in the morning sun. However a sight so altered changed my smile into a sigh. The smog had set over the sea and my breath of pure air turned smoke filled. This change may be unnoticeable for the top bureaucrats of various nations meeting at Copenhagen but not for me.
The climate these days have become so unpredictable that this year’s summers were unbearable and it poured in November. That the smog sets in before winter and winter is so chilly one day and so hot the other. This decade has been the hottest decade ever. With inflation hitting high and food prices rocketing up. They are not affected sitting in their air conditioned or heated offices. When probably people in one of the poorer nations are dying out of hunger or thirst. They probably would be munching and sipping on delicacies of the rich.
It would not affect them if another farmer suicides with his family in Vidharba or if another kid out of desperation of food picks up a gun or drugs. What difference does it make when families in Afghanistan have opium instead of food?
You may blame all this on poverty but in reality it’s just on the superficial layer deep down it’s because of the wrong choices we made. Why we chose to produce cash crops rather than food crops. It’s because of global warming that the Ghats have almost dried up. Soon many Indians would be dying in the north for lack of water because the glaciers have dried up. They will dry up if we do not do anything about them.

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