The issue of climate change has grown bigger than political boundaries. However our mindsets have not, we still our on the lookout for the best deal for our nations. I do not write as an Indian, American or African but as part of the Earth. The summit at Copenhagen may have given hopes to environmentalist around the world. However it’s become more political than universal. More of a controversial summit than a solution seeking summit.
Each country has a different stance on it. The developed countries want to throw away the Kyoto protocol and its policy of “common but differentiated responsibility”. They desire uniformity which is not possible for there are countries like Bangladesh who barely emit carbon, are in most danger and who do not even have a strong economy. Where as the United States of America the largest carbon emitter, with the strongest economy would also similar carbon cuts. We need a weightage system in order to impose carbon cuts. The developing nations have advocated this point so as to ensure that they do not bear the brunt entirely because it may be easier for the industrialized nations but not them. India and China have voluntarily agreed to cut down its emission which should be the case with all nations.
“All hopes of my generation rest on Copenhagen” an environmentalist once said. Today it may seem unimportant to us but at this rate their may be a day when it would become so grievous that we would not be able to rectify our centuries mistakes then even billions of economy would not be able to save us.

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