Human robots

How do we know that god exists? I am a strong believer in god. But as they say that there are some things which makes our belief stronger. After seeing all that man has created couldn’t it be possible that even our world could have been built by some one like the human race. Well I’m not trying to dwell into sciences. But yes if you are an ardent believer of the non existence of god. Then there is something very simple which could change your belief.

Have you ever put your hand on a child’s heart and felt the heart beats. The continuous pick and drop motion. That one beat which differentiates living from non living. The beauty of the beat is in its movements, in its innocence. Its something so simple yet some thing that makes you think of its beauty. That heart has been beating for so many years and all of us have it.

But that night when I put my hand on my sister’s chest. That motion made me wonder who its creator was. Who was that one who created us? He had to be someone and it only could be someone really great, someone with the love of a mother. That was a moment that I would like to thank god for letting me be alive.

That feeling is something I can never put down in writing. But some thing that will always remind me of the fact that in each one of us there is god. He just has to be there cause there needs to be someone to run us. It’s like how a computerized system guides a robot. That way god guides his human robots.


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